The simplest of rules for a pedestrian are. Stop. Look. Listen. Repeat those words to yourself like a mantra. When coming up to a road stop, look both ways for any oncoming traffic vehicles and listen for cars, buses, trucks and bicycles. Cross at traffic lights or zebra crossings. In many countries crossing anywhere besides pedestrian crossings are illegal and is known as jay walking in America.——Garmaan Nq
  最簡單的人行道行走法則是:停、看、聽。把它們當做口頭禪重覆記住吧。經過路口時,停下來,左右兩邊看看是否有行駛中的車輛並且留心汽車,公交車,卡車的喇叭聲以及自行車的鈴聲。(選擇)在有交通指示燈的道路或者斑馬線的地方過馬路。在許多國家,穿越任何非人行橫道的道路都是違法的,在美國被叫做違章穿越馬路(jay walking)。  (原標題:Road safety)
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